Wes's Birth Story


**I wrote this post 4 days after his birthday when things were still fresh in my mind and hormones were a little intense! It’s now been 9 days since he was born**

I’m sitting here holding the most perfect baby ever. It’s been 4 days since he’s been in our lives and it’s cliche but I can’t imagine life without him...okay I guess I can, it would just include a lot more sleep hahaha


I’ve always loved reading birth stories and was excited to have one of my own. After going through it all, I didn’t think I’d be able to write about it. It honestly scares me so bad thinking “what if”. There were some major scares during the whole thing. Crazy thing is I didn’t realize how severe the situation was until maybe a day later. I even texted a friend afterwards and told her I thought my birth was boring! The good news is Wes is here and is doing absolutely PERFECT. I want to be able to remember the details so I can never forget how grateful I am for the medical care we received. We love our Wes boy so much. 


I had an appointment with my OB scheduled on July 5th which was my due date. For a couple of reasons it was recommended that I get induced! I was so excited to hear that I’d finally get to meet baby boy and I was honestly happy to know exactly when he would be coming. I was actually pretty patient about it all but guessing game was starting to give me anxiety! The doctor called the hospital and the soonest time they could get me in was that Sunday afternoon. I texted all my family who I invited to be there for the birth and I was soo happy! 


Sunday rolls around and we arrive at the hospital. When I check in I’m still only dilated to a 2 so they start me on a drug called miso (that’s just a nickname of it) to help me dilate more. It’s weird, it supposed to help soften the cervix which makes you dilate but it didn’t help me with that at all! What it did do was begin to give me mild contractions. This lasted all day and night Sunday and Monday. By Monday we were a bit stir crazy as you’d expect. My contractions weren’t too bad, I labeled the pain a 6. And I didn’t want an epidural until it was an 8 because we had no idea how long it would take and I didn’t want to be confined to a bed. 


Monday night (well technically very early Tuesday morning) my contractions really started to pick up. I got up to go to the bathroom and after I peed I heard/felt a pop. Like literally it felt as if a balloon broke inside me. A little bit of liquid came out but I wasn’t sure if it was pee or not. I called my nurse and she said if anymore liquid came out to let her know and she’d test it. Right as she left the room and closed the door I sat up a little in my bed and then a ton of water gushed out. So Seth ran out to go get her. She tested it and sure enough.. my water broke!! After two full days of waiting in the hospital now the action was about to start. They put me on pitocin to help my contractions get more regular. They checked me and I was only dilated at a 4 or 5 at this point so I continued to take the miso drug. 


My water broke at 3:20am and my contractions started getting much stronger. I breathed through them for a little over an hour until I finally decided I was done. I had already decided that I wanted an epidural so I was planning on that happening. So I decided to call for the anesthesiologist to come at 4:30am.  Problem was I am SO nervous of needles and shots and this just sounded like a nightmare. Honestly I was 10x more scared of the pain from an epidural than from actually giving birth. Luckily the pain I was in from the contractions forced me to get over it. The good news- the epidural wasn’t bad AT ALL. At least it was nothing compared to what I was expecting. 


Family who I invited to be there for the birth started trickling into the hospital a few hours later. By now I wasn’t really in pain at all, just chilling waiting to dilate more! My contractions were regular at this point but we were starting to have a problem. Each contraction I had put baby boy in distress and his heart rate would drop really low, and then come back up once the contraction was over. The doctors continued to monitor it and decided to pump fluid back into the amniotic sack because the umbilical cord was probably being messed with now that there wasn’t fluid in there. This seemed to do the trick which was such a relief. More and more doctors came in and they talked to me about my expectations of birth. They said that they would try to have him delivered vaginally but warned that a c-section might be a possibility if baby’s heart rate continued to drop. I of course said I’m fine with whatever they needed to do! 


After another few hours a doctor came into check me (I swear I had like 4-5 different ones “on my case” haha. )Before they did so they made everyone step out of the room (my mom and aunts were there). The doctor said I was dilated at a 7 which I was happy about cause that was more progress then I had made this whole time. My nurse then went in to double check (I think the doctor was kinda new) and said actually I was already dilated to a 10. I was SHOCKED because that meant I was ready to start pushing just like that! The nurse who is my favorite person was like okay now we have to mess with your family when I bring them back in. And she came up with this plan where she’s super serious and acts like something is wrong and has them sit down. And then she then tells them I’m a 10 and ready to start pushing! It was the funnest moment because everyone was so worried for a second and then started screaming from excitement. Seth wasn’t actually there at the time, he was in the cafeteria eating lunch so I texted him to run back cause I was ready! And he came in super out of breath a few seconds later hahaha. 

And then active labor began! I had Seth, my mom, my mother in law, my grandma, my three aunts and my friend Jessica who was there to photograph it  all there watching me. And to think I am usually a shy person hahaha. The nurse instructed me how to push and then we began! The entire time I felt like I was doing it wrong. Since I had the epidural it was really hard for me to figure out when a contraction was happening for when it was the right time to push. But my nurse and Seth continued to coach me through it. Labor was honestly not as bad as I thought, just like the epidural! I’m glad I was pleasantly surprised instead of shocked haha. But I honestly could not imagine doing it without the epidural. I pushed for a few hours and began to be frustrated. I threw up a few times and I didn’t think that I was making any progress. The nurse let me reach down and touch his head as I pushed and I said it was squishy. I really liked when my “audience” would get excited and tell me when they could see his head and his hair but when they were silent I figured I wasn’t doing enough so there was nothing to see. After maybe 2 hours into pushing I think the epidural began to wear off and I could really feel a lot of pain from the pressure of his head and I just cried and cried from the pain. They didn’t want to turn the epidural up too much so I could still feel enough to know when to push but they turned it up two notches and that helped. The nurse called the doctors to make their way over because apparently he was close to coming out. Poor baby boy was still having those heart drops during the contractions so they called the NICU team to come in to be ready for when he came out. I wasn’t worried at all at this point still. The doctors did a super good job of making it seem casual and more of a just in case thing so that we wouldn’t all freak out. They also warned me that some babies are just quiet when they come out. I had a few more minutes of pushing and I was starting to get so exhausted. I tried to give each push all I had but I was seriously running out of energy. The last push I did I realized that I literally did not have anything left to give and that was it. I figured they’d have to give me a c section or something and pull baby out themselves. 


Luckily that last push did the trick and they pulled baby out. He was blueish purple and they put him on my chest for a quick second. I didn’t think anything was wrong but he was floppy and quiet. The NICU team then grabbed him and began to work on him while the other doctors stitched me up (I had a 2nd degree tear so not too bad). I watched as the rest of the room watched baby get checked up. I thought everything was completely fine at this point still. Turns out baby scored a 1 on the APGAR scale which is like one point away from failing. The only reason that he got that one point is because although his heart rate was weak at least he had one. Every other part of the test he failed. Within a matter of minutes the doctors all saved his life. And I didn’t even realize it! This is what brings me to tears to think about, that without all the medical care I wouldn’t be able to hold my baby boy right now. It’s all just so delicate and terrifying to think about. 


After all of that, they placed baby back on my chest and I got to really see him. He was bigger than we expected! Weighing 7 lbs 6oz which was funny because the biggest complication I had this pregnancy was that he was measuring abnormally small like in the 10th percentile at one point. So we were expecting a small baby! The doctors said it’s a good thing I got induced because I wouldn’t have been able to handle a bigger baby probably haha. He was so strong! He kept lifting his head off of my chest to look around. Seth and I got to be alone for a bit and it was so special to meet our boy and have that strong instant love for him. 


Wes is doing perfect and gets cuter every day. He’s so so sweet and we love him more than we thought possible. He’s exactly what I’ve always dreamed of!

The first characteristic I’ve noticed of him is he’s super patient. We’re all still learning here and he doesn’t get upset with us as we figure out how to care for him. He also has such a high pain tolerance. For example he had to get a shot at the hospital and he cried for two seconds and then got over it. But he HATES to be cold. The only times he cries is if someone un swaddles him, and that’s when he screams his head completely off. He’s also still so strong! 


I’ll forever be grateful for all the care we received at the hospital. Each medical team member that worked with us made me feel so loved, taken care of and confident things would be okay. I truly could not thank them all enough for all they did. In retrospect this experience is traumatizing and I get anxiety talking about it now. We don’t have answers for what was actually going wrong during labor but I can’t help but think there had to be some divine intervention that made it possible for Wes to get here and have now absolutely no complications.

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