Olivia & Ocean - The Perfect Swimsuit

I was just thinking earlier this week how grateful I am that it is really SO much easier to find modest clothing now a days. I remember as a youth, finding a modest swimsuit was next to impossible. If you were lucky enough to find one that was modest, chances are it wasn’t flattering or cute in any way. The fashion industry has definitely taken a turn in the last couple of years and it is amazing! I can go into almost any store and find a super cute & adorable outfit pretty easily. 


Modesty is a personal choice, and everyones standards can vary slightly. For me, I really feel the most confident and beautiful when I am comfortable in what I’m wearing. If I feel good in what I’m wearing I honestly have a substantially better day. Even though I work from home, I always get fully dressed for the day because I know I’ll be more productive. When I dress modestly, I feel I can truly be myself. People aren’t necessarily judging me for my body or looks but they really are getting the chance to get to know my personality without other distractions.


When I discovered the swimsuit company Olivia & Ocean, I instantly fell in love with the company. The designs are incredible (I’ll talk more about that later on) and modest! PLUS they have matching mommy and me suits for your little ones! It doesn’t get better than that! I was so thankful that the owner Danielle and I had the chance to connect. Fast forward to a few months later and I had the amazing opportunity to shoot their new look book! This new line launches on Olivia & Ocean TOMORROW! 

We shot in Laguna Beach on a gloomy day. Which is typical for Southern California in May and June.  4 different mom models with their little ones joined us and we had a fun day! 


When you put on your first suit from Olivia & Ocean you instantly know that this is different from any other suit you’ve ever worn. The fit is designed to hold your body in, which is not only a super comfortable feeling but is incredibly flattering. Its the perfect design! I have the black one and it is my go to suit for hanging at the beach and surfing. 


Not that I’ll have kids for a few more years, but I can’t wait to match and coordinate with my little ones any chance I get. Yes we will be THAT family!



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